When a new claim is made to Clarity Insurance Company, it is assigned to a claims professional within 24 hrs., Monday through Friday.

The claims professional will make contact with all involved parties to gather facts surrounding your loss, review policy for coverage, explain how your claim will be handled and schedule inspections for vehicles/properties involved.

Your claims professional will then go through the process of determining whether the loss is covered by: reviewing inspections/estimates, documenting damage, interviewing witnesses or other involved individuals, taking photos and samples (if needed) and finally evaluating your claim.

Once a resolution is made, we’ll work with you to resolve your claim fairly either by paying your claim or explaining why the claim cannot be covered.

Once we’ve resolved your claim under the terms of your policy, we will close the claim. If you discover additional expenses or information, we will re-open your claim to investigate.


***Some claims are more complex than others and may take more time for us to complete a complex investigation. Regardless of your claim complexity, our claims professionals are committed to do whatever it takes to resolve your claim.


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Premium payments can now be made over the phone on our automated system 24/7 by calling 
(702) 703-4724 and choosing the option for 
“Make a Payment”

Payment methods accepted are Credit Card, Debit Card, or Check by Phone. Information needed to pay by phone is Policy Number and Zip Code.