The goal of Claro’s visual identity system is to express a singular representation of Claro and all of its units by using well-established and logically structured guidelines that govern the use of Claro’s logo.
All the graphical representations of the company’s visual identity as well as the textual representations—including the wordmark Claro—are licensed trademarks. Their use is controlled by Claro and protected by applicable laws. All use is at the discretion of Claro and its licensing office. Creation and governance of the use of Claro’s names, logos, and trademarks are the responsibility of the management team.

Clear Zones

The Claro logo should stand alone. Do not add a horizontal or vertical rule, words, or graphics to create a wordmark. Do not use the logo to create a sentence or add the logo to a sentence. Rules for creating a clear zone around the Claro logo, giving it prominence and legibility, are described below.
The two-line Claro Insurance Program logo (example A) is for Emory school, department, and unit use. It is the primary logo used for internal and external-facing audiences of Claro and should be used for all comapny branding. A general rule for spacing around a Claro logo is to integrate an obvious visual separation. The space around the logo should measure at least one times the width of the “inner space in the O” in the Claro wordmark.
For merchandise use, there should be a minimum of a 2x the “inner space in the O” width in the Claro wordmark, preferably more. Do not create a wordmark by adding a horizontal or vertical rule, words, or graphics.
One-line logos (example B) should have a minimum clear zone of at least two of the “inner space in the O” in the Claro wordmark, preferably more.

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